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NACA Inspection Services


  • General NACA Inspections

    • Up to – 1000 SF                                       $300.00

    • 1001 – 2000 SF                                        $349.00

    • 2001 – 3000 SF                                        $399.00

    • 3001 – 4000 SF                                        $449.00

    • 4001 – 5000 SF                                        $499.00

    • 5000 SF and up                                      +$.12/SF

  • Additional Inspection Items

    • Reinspection                                          + $125

    • Crawl Space                                           +$125

    • Multi family Units                                      $300

    • 5000 SF and up                                      +$.12/SF

    • A/C Units                                                +$25 

    • Elect Panels                                           +$25

Investing in working people



The NACA homeownership program is our answer to the huge subprime and predatory lending industry. NACA has conclusively shown that when working people get the benefit of a prime rate loan, they can resolve their financial problems, make their mortgage payments and become prime borrowers. NACA’s track record of helping people who have credit problems become homeowners or modify their predatory loan debunks the myth that high rates and fees are necessary to compensate for their "credit risk." 

Started in 1988, NACA has a tremendous track record of successful advocacy against predatory and discriminatory lenders as well as providing the best mortgage program in America with $10 billion in funding commitments. NACA is the largest housing services organization in the country and is rapidly expanding by growing its existing 30+ offices, headquartered in Boston, MA, opening many new offices nationwide, and expanding the services it offers its membership. NACA’s confrontational community organizing and unprecedented mortgage program have set the national standard for assisting low- and moderate-income people to achieve the dream of homeownership. 

NACA – America’s Best Mortgage Program

The incredible NACA mortgage allows NACA Members to purchase their homes with:

  • No down payment,

  • No closing costs,

  • No fees,

  • No requirement for perfect credit,

  • And at a below-market interest rate.

Everyone gets the same incredible terms, including the below-market interest rate, regardless of their credit score or other factors. NACA also provides free, comprehensive housing services. NACA counsels Members into the extraordinary NACA mortgage using character-based lending criteria that takes each Member’s circumstances into account to determine whether they are ready for homeownership and what they can afford. This is in contrast to risk-based pricing where people are often given loans they cannot afford while brokers and others make tremendous fees and profits.

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